Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hot Plasma Display Rentals for a Cold Winter

ICCRents is in Chicago, so we know a thing or two about cold weather. We've also noticed a lot of our clients are trying to get all their plans made and equipment booked for the new year before everything slows down around the holidays. We've got some hot specials to keep you going through the cold winter on plasma display monitor rentals.

If you have a trade show or convention coming up in one of the major convention centers around the nation, then give us a call or submit a quote online about one of our plasma display monitor specials, designed especially for major trade shows and conventions. Our typical package includes a plasma display monitor rental or lcd monitor rental, dual post stand with a shelf to set your dvd player or laptop on, and speakers. In short this is about everything you'll need to get by at your next event and give your booth the boost it needs to draw in new clients. Of course we have the largest inventory of rental equipment in the U.S. should you need more equipment, so don't hesitate to get a hold of us today.

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Internet Down = Slow Down

Here at ICCRents we can provide you with anything you need, but without a reliable internet service provider you might be out of luck. We learned that first hand recently when out of nowhere our provider "inadvertently" cancelled our internet account at a New York City office. I put that word in quotes because that is pretty much as close as they came to being able to explain the situation. One minute internet access, the next minute, dead in the water.

Naturally this happened on a Friday morning when we're trying to wrap up all of our technology rentals up before the weekend and by the time we closed the office at 5pm we were still offline. Fortunately our network of other offices and professional were able to handle everything for our clients (one of the benefits of being the biggest in the business!)

If that wasn't bad enough, Monday morning we were faced with the same thing until around mid-day. By then our manager had set us up sharing a low speed cellular card hooked into a laptop to at least get by. Aside from that everyone got real good at organizing all the papers piling up on the desks and getting to all those low priority things like cleaning up desktops and filing. The point of the story is that even a technology rental company with some serious expertise in computer and av rental can go offline at the mercy of an ISP provider.

I also mention this because all the laptop rentals and computer rentals we provide are guaranteed to work just fine, but you may also want to make sure your internet provider is as good as we are at customer service. If not you may be totally offline with your feet up watching something on one of our plasma or LCD Screens until you get your connection back. It becomes very obvious how much business gets done via the internet these days and having a steady connection can make all the difference.

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Right Solution. On Time. Every Time.

ICCRents is proud to be a member of the Smart Source Rentals family and we are committed to continuing to provide high quality service and high quality technology rental solutions. The same great equipment and staff continue to provide high quality computer rental services from the ICCRents home office in Chicago, and join the more than 20 Smart Source Rentals locations around the United States. All the offices around the Nation have come together and are committed to always providing "The Right Solution. On Time. Every Time" at all of our locations across the United States.

Friday, October 24, 2008

ICCRents and Technology Rental Leadership

ICCRents has recently been acquired by Smart Source Rentals, but will continue to provide the same high quality service they have been providing from their Chicago office for years. This combination of Computer & AV Rental Superpowers allows us give your business even more options and experience when looking for your next technology rental solution. Smart Source now has physical offices in over 20 national locations, and is the Nation's Largest Computer and AV Rental Company. ICC will always consider Chicago home, and will continue to provide the same professional computer rental equipment, laptop rentals, and technology solutions. We are excited to be able to provide our services to more people, and look forward to working with your company or business !

Friday, September 19, 2008

Big Screen Plasmas

I'm starting to wonder if I am the only one out there who is still rocking the small 19 inch CRT television. You probably recognize what I am talking about - it's the one that looks a lot like the TV's you see stacked in the street to be thrown away, or in a giant heap at the recycling center. It almost weighs more than I do, has some cheap built in speakers that I regularly keep around the 80-90 level just to hear it over the NYC noise all around me. You know it is time to upgrade when your Mom has a better TV than you do, and sadly, that is the case with me.

How come I don't upgrade already to a big screen plasma tv like the ones I see at all the trade shows, exhibits, newspaper advertisements and business lobbies? I am scratching my head and wondering why myself. After all I do work for a company that will rent big screen plasma tv's to businesses all over the place, so maybe I just stare at them too long to realize that when I get home I don't have one. It seems like I see them every Sunday in the newspaper advertisements and all over the internet as discount web specials. And with Football season starting (and my fantasy football league dominating all my friends by the way) I should really be watching the games on bigger and better quality screens. Like the kind of screens that dominate the whole living room big. Maybe if the Raiders make it to the post season I will treat myself (read: very slim odds!)


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Apple Laptops are sexy

Sexy is not the go to word when it comes to computers and laptops, but when your looking down at the streamlined titanium shell of a Powerbook it seems to make sense. And if you're a computer guy like me it usually is the computer that is sexier than the 20 year old user in jeans and flip flops plugging in their ipod and typing away on Facebook. Why not rent an Apple Laptop from ICCRents for your next tradeshow or business meeting and see what it feels like to be the one with the cool computer for once.

We all know the feeling of carrying around the not-so-sexy ten pound clunky laptop, the power supply, the bag with all the peripherals and a few cables and spending the obligatory 5 minutes setting it up, turning it on etc. for every meeting and presentation. Give up this hassle and rent a thin, sleek, and efficient Apple laptop from us and leave your regular machine at the office where it belongs. We can work with you to make sure all the software you need is on your machine before we rent it to you. Besides, how cool would it be to be the envy of the board room when you have the only "cool" computer amongst a sea of older office machines. Get an Apple laptop rental today and feel good about your computing - nobody has to know it's a rental.

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Monday, July 28, 2008

NEC Accusync - A Better Screen for a Better Experience

When space is limited, a plasma rental may not be the best option. After all, your display options should match and compliment your booth, not completely overwhelm it. You wouldn't want your booth to look like you've spent your entire budget on a single screen, do you? Instead, go for a LCD Display screen, like the NEC Accusync LCD Display. It comes in a variety of different screen sizes, all of which are flat, lightweight, and easy to transport.

Combine the flat panel rentals from ICCRents with the proper stand or wall mount, and you can be sure that your trade show booth or presentation will look absolutely spectacular. The Accusync features a standard resolution of 1280x1024 with over 16 million colors. Impressive? You bet! Weighing in at just over 10 pounds, you can move and shift the Accusync around until you find the perfect place for it.

Call our sales representatives today at 800-245-1094 and ask about the various options available to you for your next LCD Flat Panel Display Rental!