Friday, July 27, 2007

From Cliché to Reality – ICCRents provides a True One-Stop-Rental-Shop

How many times have you heard a computer rental company refer to themselves as a One-Stop-Shop? Hands raised? Ours are too. Well, ICCRents has given great thought to what services we can provide to be a true one-stop technology shop for our trade show and event clientele. Far beyond just computer rentals and audio visual rentals, we rise to the occasion to make this common proclamation a reality. ICCRents now offers full fledged Event Rental Solutions for your next trade show including trade show exhibits and production services with the same competitive pricing structure and high level of service.

How does ICCRents take care of our trade show rental clients?

The Audio Visual Rentals, of course. Always competitive pricing, show quality equipment, and 24x7 support during your event.

  • Plasma Rentals
  • LCD Rentals
  • DVD Rentals
  • Computer Rentals

Logistical Services

Trade Show Exhibits for Rental or Sale!

  • Our newest product offering!
  • Pop-up Display Rentals
  • Modular Display Rentals
  • Exhibits available for sale
  • Couple your Display need with your AV Rental Need

ICCRents In-house Production Services

  • Digital Signage
  • Graphic Imaging
  • Video Production Services
  • Interactive Services

Call 800 245-1094 to find out about a package deal today or email

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

What Inquiring minds should ask a Computer Rental Provider

Be Inquisitive by ICCRents

All Computer Rental Companies are not created equal. To avoid an unpleasant surprise, ICCRents is providing a checklist of items to ask your computer rental service provider:

Support: During your computer rental experience what are the options in case of equipment breakdown? Do you provide 24x7 technical support? What is your guaranteed response time? Does your computer rental service include on-site spares at no charge?

Installation: As my computer rental provider, will technicians deliver and install my equipment on-site?

Source: Is your company going to subcontract this project to a local computer rental company; how do I ensure quality their quality of work and level of service?

Damage/Theft: What happens if rented computer is lost or damaged. Do you provide theft or damage insurance to mitigate these costs?

Software: What about the operating system and applications. Do you preinstall any software on laptop rentals, pc rentals, or apple computer rentals?

Outreach: Does your rental service extend nationwide?

One-stop: Can you handle my needs for an lcd projector rental or plasma rental? What other types of equipment and rental services are available?

Turnaround: Can your company provide same day service in case of last minute needs?
ICCRents Computer Rentals & Audio Visual Rentals answers: 24x7 Support, 15 minute response, spares at no charge, professional installation, 90% of rentals handled in-house, software pre-installed, outreach nationwide, one-true-stop for computer rentals and audio visual rentals, and same day order fulfillment. Please call 800 245-1094 with questions.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Why Rent and Why ICCRents?

As the cost of equipment decreases, how does ICCRents continue to expand and increase the value of rental services?

ICCRents provides a package of solutions with every rental order. It is a common misconception that the rental industry is runs manufacturing or product based businesses. We provide a valuable service for our clientele. In one phone call shift the hassle of the logistical and technical coordination of your event to ICCRents. ICCRents will provide you a dedicated account managers, custom tailored solutions, professional installations, 24x7 support, free spare equipment, and much more with each rental package. Call 800 245-1094 for rental information.

  • 24x7 Technical Support
  • Logistical Coordination
  • Custom Configuration
  • Same Day Order Fulfillment Nationwide
  • Free spare equipment onsite
  • Free upgrades on repeat contracts
  • Hassle-free rentals everytime

ICCRents provides the answer a common question - Why Rent?

  • Great Tax Advantage - when renting for business purposes, your rental payments are a 100% tax deductible expense
  • Capital Conservation for larger cash outlays - utilize your working capital for other opportunities to generate profit by avoiding a large up-front payment on equipment.
  • Immediate turnaround - avoid cumbersome contract negotiation with immediate turnaround on equipment orders.
  • Avoid disposal concerns - Avoid the dilemma of having to dispose of obsolete technology every six to nine months when there are better, faster, and cheaper models available.
Popular Rentals:

  • Conference Computer Rentals
  • Meeting Rentals
  • Trade Show Exhibit Rentals
  • Classroom Training Rentals
  • General Business Rentals
  • Temporary Office Set-up
  • Document or File Storage
  • Traveling Executive Rentals
  • Contractor or Temporary Employees
  • Pre-trial war room rentals
Call 800 245-1094 for rental needs today or email

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Cost Effective Kiosk Rentals now available!

ICCRents offers Interactive, Internet Kiosks for rent nationwide. With multi-function capability, the ICCRents unique Kiosk has been used to drive traffic to trade show exhibits, for lead retrieval, retail POS systems, gaming stations, internet cafes with WiFi capability. This is a true Show Stopper! Demonstrate your website or play a video with ICCRents latest presentation product.

ICCRents Kiosk Highlights:

  • Sleek silver Kiosk enclosure
  • WiFi Internet Capability
  • Custom Branding with any logo or image
  • Progressive, Eye-catching Design
  • 17" Touch LCD
  • Pentium 4 Computer
  • Built-in Speakers
  • Customization:
  • Add/Remove Keyboards
  • Add MSR for information retrieval
  • Optional Headset Attachment
  • Optional Joystick Attachment
  • Windows Software
  • Antivirus Software
  • Interactive, Internet Kiosk Specs
Call 800 245-1094 for a quote today. Delivery is available same or next day in any city nationwide. And you'll receive 24x7 support throughout your rental.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Video Wall - Wow! Effect Turnkey Solution

ICCRents, a pioneer in the rental industry, launches another new product line staying a step ahead of the competition. The New Seamless Video Wall Rentals package offered by ICCRents is all inclusive with on-site programmers, custom configuration, professional installation, and unique surrounding structures to match any booth or exhibit design! ICCRents offers a futuristic technology solution providing an avenue to the end goal of any trade show coordinator – attention and traffic to your exhibit.

We have created a turnkey, mobile solution for Video Walls that can be ordered and custom coordinated within a few days. The newest Orion Plasma display offers a seamless and stackable 42” Plasma solution. This means you can order an infinite number of configurations with 2x2 and 3x3 being the most common.

As for your presentation? Design it yourself or ICCRents will have our production team to go to work for you. Presales consultations available free of charge. Rent a video wall and demonstrate your website, show a product demo on dvd, loop a video, or do all 3. Connections are made easy and installation professional with ICC technicians on-site for the length of your event.

If you seek a Wow! effect at your next trade show, conference, or event, call us at 800 245-1094 for an affordable and futuristic video wall solution!