Friday, August 17, 2007

ICCRents High Speed Copier Rentals made easy!

Ever rented a high speed copier without the hassle of paper jams, low toner, or a need for a service call? It is possible now as the future of copier rentals has arrived – ICCRents offers HP 4345MFP high speed copiers!

As a full service Computer Rental, Audio Visual Rental, and Office Equipment Rental company, ICCRents offers great options for High Speed Copier. The reliability and efficiency of the HP 4000 series printers has now been translated to high speed, multifunction copiers.

ICCRents copiers that staple, collate, and sort. Other options include auto document feeders, duplexers, and extra paper trays. Of course, your high speed copier will also fax, print, and scan for your convenience. But the best part? No worries about paper count or toner with ICCRents. We can work out a deal for you including toner and number of prints ahead of time.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007 - Tips to drive traffic to your Trade Show Exhibit

Is your company considering exhibiting at a trade show? Here are some of pointers to help with the success of your exhibit!

Think from the Customer’s Point of View– Prospects may know nothing about your company, what should be their first impression? And how can you communicate that in your trade show display graphics with one glance? Marketing 101 tells us that if you don’t get the customer’s attention in a few seconds, they will probably move on. Some tips to grab attention:
  • Tradeshow Graphics - digital or printed signage
  • Audio Visual Rentals and Computer Rentals - affordable for the simplest of exhibits
  • Giveaways - even candy goes a long way
  • Keep your marketing message concise

Have a Clear Goal for your attendees– What do you want to accomplish? Do you want the potential client to come to your sales staff for more product info?Do you aim to go straight for the sale? It is best to have clear goals before brainstorming possibilities so that your message will not get buried.

Test It – Run the idea by a sample of people who are not marketing-minded and do not mind being blunt or hurting your feelings. You do not need “yes-men,”; you need people who will be extremely honest and express when they like or do not like something. It is always a good idea to ask for feedback before running with your ideas.

General tips before exhibiting at a trade show:

  1. Choose the size of your booth depending on the budget and minimum amount of space you will need to display your items. Most common sizes are 10x10 and 20x20.
  2. Location of your booth with reference to other larger booth is very important factor in determining the amount of traffic your booth will receive. A Booth at the entrance of the exhibit and close to a major booth is ideal. Start early and make reservation as quickly as you can to get the location you want.
  3. Consider renting a pop-up booth vs. a modular or custom display. This will free up your budget to utilize on attention grabbing equipment and promotional items. Several types of displays are available thru
  4. For significant savings consider other vendors apart from the so called 'Official Vendor' for Laptop Rentals, Plasma TV rental, Computer rentals, Video wall rentals. Outside vendors offer quality equipment, services, and significant savings. provides equipment to an exclusive group of exhibitors at each event allowing us to provide the highest quality.
  5. Months prior to the event, create a press release and make sure it gets to the press by using a convenient online press release tool such as Spend time informing existing clients of your upcoming exhibit and use the show as a platform for new products or services.
  6. Promotional items and free give aways will help generate leads for future orders.
  7. Train your show team. Trade shows are distinct sales environments. Very limited time and attention of those that attend require quick qualification and speedy lead generating tactics.