Friday, September 28, 2007

A Notebook Rental for Your Diverse Digital Lifestyle

Sometimes your whole office is snug right inside your bag. There is no easier way to stay digitally in tune than with our Notebook rentals, which are a necessity for active fast pace minds and lifestyles on the move.

Instead of cluttered lose papers at the bottom of your bag, all of your files, notes, and data for your convention, conference, assembly or social gathering will be secure and ready on your Notebook. Be prepared, and continue to live spontaneously in any city or space, all it takes is simply downloading software and your transportable office is only a click away.

A notebook is the up and about way to stay digital at a tradeshow, conference meeting, or to be displayed and made available for your guests to use to stay connected. At ICCRents you will get the latest models and you will be comfortable working anywhere and anyplace with swift digital connecting ease, even while creating an unforeseen presentation last minute-only in minutes.

Another great part about a rental is that you can also get awesome accessories to make your digital experience out of the office substantial to your work tactics. Such as a Lockdown Cable or USB thumb drive.

Along with our latest handy Apple laptops such as the MacBook Pro and iBook, we also have brand name PC laptops such as Dell, Toshiba, Compaq, Sony and a lot more. This means no matter of the depth of your conference plans, or your presentation audience size, or how many Notebook laptop you need for a special event or for your executives traveling around the country, we will meet your personal needs. When it comes to renting from ICCRents, there is no settling involved, and with technicians available 24 hours a day your digital needs are running at the velocity that you are!

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ready, Set, Print with ICCRents

Usually the last things you want to do at a tradeshow is run to the printer and get fifty or so more copies or wait in a long line. Or maybe you’re hosting an event at a classy conference on a patio retreat and your running out of pamphlets but there is no need to crease your nose or raise your eyebrows. In a few minutes, without a paper jam or panic, it feels good to know you have a printer that you can call yours for the duration of the occasion. Our printer rentals represent full services, so that means you hardly have to move. Our All-in-One Office Jet printers include a printer, copier, scanner and fax, so you have your own office no matter where you are. With a Laserjet Printer rental you get exceptional color and printing performance and quality. From double side printing to creating transparencies, business cards, and personalized envelopes on the spot. The convenience involves even more because you get it delivered, set up and ready to go as soon as you are.

Give yourself and your guests the pleasure of a worry free printing, faxing, copying and scanning environment with our printer rentals. Especially since our technicians are available 24 hours a day!

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Monday, September 24, 2007

The Today Show and ICCRents

Our touch screen interactive Internet Kiosk rental was featured on The Today Show this morning! This is a perfect example of how reliable our Internet Kiosks are live and in-action. Especially when you need a rental for a demonstration, business meeting, or for a television segment. The Kiosk rentals at ICCRents are meant for so many diverse atmospheres, from custom member directories, to retail catalogues, to Cyber cafes. They are an organized and entertaining solution to engage an audience and attract new business. Depending on your needs and wants, you can dismantle or add to the keyboard or even design your own touch screen software and programs, and suddenly your Internet Kiosk is a branding tool, with a webcam, or built in gaming station. A wireless Internet Kiosk means it can be used anywhere, any place, and the touch screen can effortlessly verbalize your personalized logo so your objectives can be quickly met and your presentation, event or display is camera ready!

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

ICCRents Tradeshow Hints and Tips

Oh no! Imagine buying a spacious booth for a tradeshow that you prepared months for only to find that the booth next to you has something hot and trendy that you didn’t consider. Twiddling your thumbs it’s as if no one cares about your boom-box blasting the latest hits and your stale candy bowl looks really weak. In this predicament immediately you start to really wish you had a Plasma TV Rental in your booth too. Maybe you did consider it for a moment but then strayed because you figured it was too hard to set up. Or maybe ordering technical equipment isn’t your forte’ and you settled for that really silly poster that is already falling off your booth wall at this very minute.

Or the opposite happened and your booth was so crowded with guests and visitors that you couldn’t talk to everyone and felt rude saying “sorry, I will be with you in a minute,” and then you missed out on another potential client. If only you could have a tool that could speak for you. Well you can, with a Plasma TV such as Orion from ICCRents, then on the screen you could share information that would entertain your guests while you are giving a personal presentation and sharing the features of your company one- at –a- time- to your important clients. With a Plasma TV standing as an assistant you won’t lose the attention or opportunity of anyone. Your logo will be easily read on the screen and a detailed informative photo wall flashing and turning heads will make the tradeshow experience more lucrative and worthwhile for your business.

Also after your meeting you can quickly enter contact information and order numbers on your computer rental or have your guests put in their own information on the Internet Kiosk rental.

The tools needed to make a striking impression like your audio visual rentals will attract visitors to your booth and being at a tradeshow is all about image and standing apart from the competition in the first place.

We understand that when you put so much effort into the production of planning a tradeshow or business meeting it is easy to miss a great opportunity that was actually so simple.

So don’t forget you only get one shot to make a first impression.

We’d love to tell you more about how you can advance and evolve your booth from a candy bowl to becoming a true souvenir in the minds of your booth visitors.

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Monday, September 10, 2007

A Plasma TV makes a Digital Statement

There is no better way to say “Welcome” and “Thank You” than with a Plasma TV rental verbalizing it for you in an alluring new way. Launch your corporate conference meeting with a different, new and trendy welcome sign. Direct and give information to your associates, clients and guests with a Plasma TV visual that says more than another flimsy paper brochure. The details of your meeting will be well remembered and instead of in the trash, your presentation will be on the minds of your precipitants long after your conference. At ICCRents we have a lot suggestions on how to attract, advertise and showcase through Digital Signage too! Imagine a moveable, ever-changing digital message intriguing your target audience and sharing a whole lot more in a fast efficient way, compared to just a standard crinkled flyer or that stiff still life same ol’ ad. Those days are over, and Plasma TV Rentals are today!

Bring your company, reception, or conference to life!

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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Effortless Communication at Large

Now with an Internet Kiosk Rental, you can give your clients the comfort of “easy going” communication and leave a great impression before and after your business meeting. With ICCRents Internet Kiosk the possibilities are endless; your guests can check their emails on the go and so much more since each of our Internet Kiosk offer fast speed Wireless Internet and easy to use Exhibitor Registration Stations. Maybe you want a creative gaming station or an interactive sitemap, no problem! With custom software you can make the Internet Kiosk your own and brand the Internet Kiosk body with your slogans and logos to really stand out and tell a story. Doesn’t it feel good to know you can create an environment with Custom Branding your Logo or event title on the screen, just by renting from ICCrents.

This exciting promotional tool is so easy to use and with a Hi-resolution 17” ELO touch screen LCD, the day just got effortless.

We would love to tell you more about this great way to keep your customers and client’s communication open and active at all times during your event with your Internet Kiosk . Whether it is checking an email on the go or learning about the schedule of a business conference, the day is made simple. You can keep your program and event organized and share information about your products, services and features, all perfectly outlined right on the screen in a clean, fresh, new way.

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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Plasma Positively Effects your Display and Image

It’s never a dull moment because your conference meeting is now an engaging and changing bullet point display and everyone is looking twice or three times and stopping at your tradeshow booth, since you have an eye catching top quality ICCRents plasma TV rental!

Our plasmas for your presentation are the hottest new visual media trend and it is a great fast- pace item for your fast- pace business. Especially with a perfectly flat and slim clear screen saving space and time, now you can easily share information to potential clients about your products and business features right on the plasma screen for easy access viewing of your personalized messages. The best part is that you can create a fancy video wall on your plasma TV or even custom design a changing moving photo display to appear on the screen that exclaims your logo, personal trademark, or important topics to outline in an easy manner.

There is a lot to chose from at ICCRents and whether you are looking for 30” or up to an 80” plasma screen or an LCD monitor, we got them all (Orion, Pioneer, Samsung, Hitachi, Nec) and we are always there 24/7 to answer any questions that best fit for your business objectives.

We also offer Full Service Trade Show Installations and our ICC’s tradeshow specialist are glad to help with the production and planning of your plasma rental.

Lets get your plasma TV hung soon so you can start intriguing your potential customers and clients!

800 245-1094

ICCRents Beyond Standard Convenience

Maybe you’re jetlagged but at least you are not lugging around a computer. Maybe you’re late but at least someone else is setting up your conference podium, speakers and the plasma TV rental. Your laptop rentals are all ready too, - and your shirt is unwrinkled!

Why should it be hard when we make it so simple?

Yet unlike other rental providers we are not just there to take your order and deliver, we provide a lot more than that! We also take the time to set up your audio visual rentals for your presentation including LCD Projector rental and answer all your technical questions and then we are handy 24/7 should you need more assistance. We don’t just rent you the tools you need for an empowering tradeshow experience or an impressive memorable conference meeting- we also make sure you can properly manage the computer rental equipment with ease so that your mind is on what matters: Your goals.

It doesn’t end there.

Afterwards, you can even qualify for upgrades the next time you rent. So why buy when ICCRents gives you cost effective products without the fuss and hassle. No one wants a sore back or stress before a meeting or after traveling, but no worries we give you hands on service to make your technical needs and plasma TV simple and attractive and easy on the eyes for your clients so you can focus on the real goal of the day- not messing around with plugs and tripping over what the other guy didn’t do for you, like we do at ICCRents.

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