Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Lugging a Laptop and Projector No More

There is no need to hunch over and lose your beautiful posture because of your laptop rental or Projector rental any more. ICCRents offers light weight laptop rentals and light weight LCD Projector rentals. Here are some hints when it comes to being pain free without losing your web connection.

So thanks to Wi-Fi you can get the Internet anywhere but this freedom can really be a serious pain to the neck and back from carrying around a heavy laptop. Instead, consider a light 6lbs to 8lb laptop rental. Your notebook rentals surface should be about 20 inches away from your torso so that you are not bending forward too much at the back, shoulders and neck, while working.

When renting an LCD Projector, consider a light weight projector, you can adjust the picture and inflict a powerful message across the screen with a bright and clear color correction from ICCRents.

We give tips on how to set up, however, we include customer service tech support within our rental services and 24 hours a day we can set up, delivery, install and pick up your rentals, so you don’t have to bend your back or twist your neck over preparing the set up of your equipment. We make presentations, traveling, and managing your meetings and lifestyle painless and effortless.

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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Package it and Match it Up with ICCRent's

Maybe you have just got a need for a thousand laptop rentals or maybe you just need one, but before you think that you are set and ready to start your business meeting or conference or special event we suggest you consider these essential presentation packages that go together in a present-full way.

A Laptop, LCD Projector, Screen- With this package you can showcase your seminar and marketing plans with ease in front of a large or small crowd, and have a client meeting anywhere. Especially since the projector can be hung from the ceiling -to the table and angled easily to project against the screen. If you like the laptop rental holding your files, PowerPoint, or acting as your guide during a presentation, then this combination works really well in a corporate environment. Especially when there isn’t a wall or already established screen to project on. We suggest getting either a carpeted picture screen or a fast folding projection screen rental. Amazing, how a laptop becomes a presenter rental! It is easy to rent this package through ICCRents.

Plasma Display, Dual Post Stand, Shelf, DVD Player-An Straight Forward Attention grabber is the Plasma TV display rental and Dual Post Stand, this package of presenting is as comfortable as being in your own living room. With a DVD player, sharing your presentation video on your DVD player rental and screen is electrifying. And fun. Especially i you have guest speakers and a large audience. The shelf keeps your presentation professional and orderly, and since ICCRents offers 24 hour customer service and over-night delivery the set up and break down is not a stress on you.

Sound systems, mics, and speakers-Can you hear me? Everyone will with this package of audio-visual including sound systems, microphones and speakers, to loud and clear give your presentation. There are a lot of options at ICCRent’s for audio visual rentals. For a real powerful effect consider the 12 Channel Compact Analog Mixer rentals or a crisp, portable speaker rental. The microphone rental is meant for functionality with styles of a stand, podium style, or free form floor as well.

Your presentation and meetings have personality and you got it all from one stop shopping!

You want to get these packages and items together because you can engage in the effortlessness of having one vendor, who has it all, and with one cost effective bill and one phone call. Especially when your order is all tested together, this takes the pressure off of organizing an event when ICCRents packages do it for you.

To ask for package pricing and other collaborations available, you can call us 24 hour a day, and for last minute presentation our over night delivery can help make your stress no more!

800 245-1094