Wednesday, July 9, 2008

ICCRents Top 5 Reasons to Rent

1. ICCRents Apple Computers because they just work!

Apple Computer rentals are incredibly popular because they are designed by teams of people concerned with efficiency. In addition, when you rent an apple computer, the Mac OS that comes pre-installed was built for high security. They are virtually virus free as most viruses are written to manipulate a pc operating system. ICCRents offers apple computer rentals and apple laptop rentals. Call 800 245-1094 for a quote today.

2. Run multiple operating systems on your Apple Computer…

Your Computer can run multiple operating systems like Mac OS X, Windows XP and Windows VISTA. It makes sense to rent a mac if your corporate environment has computers using multiple operating systems. Use your mac rental to create high tech websites, photo albums, DVDs, slide shows, CDs of music compilations, a calendar, greeting cards, prints, music videos, and much more. Call 800 245-1094 for a quote today.

3. The design that turns heads
Rent an apple computer for your next event or trade show and you will turn heads! The design on the Apple iMac, MacBook Pros, and even the Powermacs is incredibly cutting edge - you will want it front and center. Call 800 245-1094 for a quote today.

4. Everything-ready.

Place an order with ICCRents for a Mac and it will come ready with your custom requests for memory, hard drive, operating system and more. ICCRents will deliver, install, and support your apple computer rental 24x7 throughout your business or event rental. Call 800 245-1094 for a quote today.

5. ICCRents still offers the most advanced platform for speed

Intel Core 2 Duo processors reside in your latest Apple Computer from ICCRents. These chips very fast. Unlike other PCs powered by Intel and you will get Mac OS X, which is optimized to get every bit of performance the Intel engine. Call 800 245-1094 for a quote today.

ICCRents Apple Computer Rentals and Apple Laptop Rentals


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