Monday, July 14, 2008

ICC's Top-Notch Service

At ICCRents, we understand that providing great computer rental service requires more than just having the best equipment. Sure, we carry the latest technology when it comes to laptop rentals, plasma rentals, LCD display rentals, and more, but we ask ourselves: What else can we offer? What else can we provide in addition to the best equipment available on the market today? And here's our answer:

Competitive Pricing
Not only will you receive the highest quality gear for your rental, ICC will provide you with the best deals at the best prices. Our friendly sales representatives work hard to receive and process your quote requests in order to offer you fair prices and unbeatable deals. We have a special multi-event discount for clients who schedule their rentals months in advance, perfect for those with traveling trade shows, exhibitions, events, and conventions, or for those who have shows scattered throughout the year.

Individual Attention
ICC is part of the largest computer and audio-visual rental service provider in the entire United States, but that doesn't mean we'll behave like a large scale company. We won't put you on hold for hours, and you'll never have to worry about going through the long, arduous process of listening and waiting for the right option with a prerecorded message. At ICC, we care about every one of our clients, which means our sales representatives will be paying close and careful attention to your needs before working diligently to fulfill them.

ICC believes in more than just delivering your rental packages. Our experienced technicians will be there to help you set up any and all equipment, as well as break it down and pick it up when your event is complete. You can also send it back to us via the mail if you so choose. Our services don't end there. You'll also receive 24x7 tech support in case something goes wrong, or if you have any questions that need answering right away. And guess what? This special treatment comes standard with every rental package! You'll never have to worry about troubleshooting your rentals again!

Duplicate Orders
Many rental packages require duplicate orders. Say you want 1o laptops with identical systems, software, and hardware. No problem. What about 100 computers? We can do that, too! And guess what? Because we have the largest computer and audio-visual rental network in the United States, including 22 physical locations in major cities, we can create duplicate orders for you anywhere in the nation!

Call Now!
Your next computer or plasma rental is just a phone call away! Call us at 800-245-1094 or visit our site to fill out a quote form today! Our representatives are standing by. Thank you!


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