Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Kiosk Theory

One way to add some variety to your show, exhibit, trade show, or convention is to bring the internet to your audience. How can you accomplish this? Using PC or Mac Rentals could become very costly and space-consuming, especially with those towers, and not to mention the wires. It would be a mess, and frankly, it'd probably be a fire hazard to have so many different plugs lying around everywhere. With the tables and chairs you'd have to supply, your booth can become very uncomfortable very quickly. The solution? An Kiosk Rental, of course.

A Kiosk Rental is a space-saving, eye-pleasing piece of technology that puts the internet at your potential clients' fingertips. Each one can be outfitted with Windows XP or Vista, comes with standard specs you would expect from a high end computer, and can be fully customized to your liking. You can have your company logo on the screen, and even on the body of the kiosk if you wanted. Not only does a kiosk save space, it saves you the trouble of wiring everything together, because they are capable of wireless internet access! For even greater customer interaction, you can enable the touchscreen feature.

There are many great options available to you with a Kiosk Rental. Ask about them by calling your friendly ICC representatives at 800-245-1094. Ask about how to customize your next rental!


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