Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Internet Down = Slow Down

Here at ICCRents we can provide you with anything you need, but without a reliable internet service provider you might be out of luck. We learned that first hand recently when out of nowhere our provider "inadvertently" cancelled our internet account at a New York City office. I put that word in quotes because that is pretty much as close as they came to being able to explain the situation. One minute internet access, the next minute, dead in the water.

Naturally this happened on a Friday morning when we're trying to wrap up all of our technology rentals up before the weekend and by the time we closed the office at 5pm we were still offline. Fortunately our network of other offices and professional were able to handle everything for our clients (one of the benefits of being the biggest in the business!)

If that wasn't bad enough, Monday morning we were faced with the same thing until around mid-day. By then our manager had set us up sharing a low speed cellular card hooked into a laptop to at least get by. Aside from that everyone got real good at organizing all the papers piling up on the desks and getting to all those low priority things like cleaning up desktops and filing. The point of the story is that even a technology rental company with some serious expertise in computer and av rental can go offline at the mercy of an ISP provider.

I also mention this because all the laptop rentals and computer rentals we provide are guaranteed to work just fine, but you may also want to make sure your internet provider is as good as we are at customer service. If not you may be totally offline with your feet up watching something on one of our plasma or LCD Screens until you get your connection back. It becomes very obvious how much business gets done via the internet these days and having a steady connection can make all the difference.

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