Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Apple Laptops are sexy

Sexy is not the go to word when it comes to computers and laptops, but when your looking down at the streamlined titanium shell of a Powerbook it seems to make sense. And if you're a computer guy like me it usually is the computer that is sexier than the 20 year old user in jeans and flip flops plugging in their ipod and typing away on Facebook. Why not rent an Apple Laptop from ICCRents for your next tradeshow or business meeting and see what it feels like to be the one with the cool computer for once.

We all know the feeling of carrying around the not-so-sexy ten pound clunky laptop, the power supply, the bag with all the peripherals and a few cables and spending the obligatory 5 minutes setting it up, turning it on etc. for every meeting and presentation. Give up this hassle and rent a thin, sleek, and efficient Apple laptop from us and leave your regular machine at the office where it belongs. We can work with you to make sure all the software you need is on your machine before we rent it to you. Besides, how cool would it be to be the envy of the board room when you have the only "cool" computer amongst a sea of older office machines. Get an Apple laptop rental today and feel good about your computing - nobody has to know it's a rental.

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Monday, July 28, 2008

NEC Accusync - A Better Screen for a Better Experience

When space is limited, a plasma rental may not be the best option. After all, your display options should match and compliment your booth, not completely overwhelm it. You wouldn't want your booth to look like you've spent your entire budget on a single screen, do you? Instead, go for a LCD Display screen, like the NEC Accusync LCD Display. It comes in a variety of different screen sizes, all of which are flat, lightweight, and easy to transport.

Combine the flat panel rentals from ICCRents with the proper stand or wall mount, and you can be sure that your trade show booth or presentation will look absolutely spectacular. The Accusync features a standard resolution of 1280x1024 with over 16 million colors. Impressive? You bet! Weighing in at just over 10 pounds, you can move and shift the Accusync around until you find the perfect place for it.

Call our sales representatives today at 800-245-1094 and ask about the various options available to you for your next LCD Flat Panel Display Rental!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Optimize Your Trade Show/Convention Booth

In a crowded showroom, your primary goal should be to attract as much attention as you can manage - and ideally, more than you can manage just on your own! The crowds are thick, and with everyone vying for their piece of the pie, you'll be hard pressed to find an effective way to turn some heads and draw some eyes, and what better way to do that than with a Plasma Display from Orion, Pioneer, Samsung, or NEC? These vibrant screens show off the best of what today's plasma technologies can offer.

How do you know which Plasma Display is right for your booth? It depends on how much space you have. ICCRents has ways to get the most out of any kind of space; wall mounts if floor room is limited, and high-quality stands if you have so space to fill. But wait! What can you do with just a TV screen? What about sound? Don't worry, we have you covered. Ask our sales representatives about our full package deals for Plasma Rentals: they include the Plasma, speakers, stand, a DVD player, and of course, our great delivery/pickup service for one low price at any convention or trade show! In addition, you'll receive our 24x7 tech support to make sure everything goes over smoothly.

What if your booth is amidst a vast showroom with thousands of other people competing for crowd's attention? What if your neighbors just so happened to rent a plasma, too? You're going to have to step it up with a Video Wall Rental, then. Stacking together our Seamless Plasma Displays, you can create any sort of grid configuration you want, and with a massive screen backing you up, anyone passing by will not be able to help stopping and staring. If they do that, you know you've done your job right!

Too much attention for your booth to handle? Don't miss out on any potential customers or clients because they have to wait! Add a Kiosk rental to the package, too, and keep those waiting occupied while you deal with everyone else. You can even program these Kiosks to answer inquiries, gather contact information, and more! Call us today at 800-245-1094 and ask about our full rental packages!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Kiosk Theory

One way to add some variety to your show, exhibit, trade show, or convention is to bring the internet to your audience. How can you accomplish this? Using PC or Mac Rentals could become very costly and space-consuming, especially with those towers, and not to mention the wires. It would be a mess, and frankly, it'd probably be a fire hazard to have so many different plugs lying around everywhere. With the tables and chairs you'd have to supply, your booth can become very uncomfortable very quickly. The solution? An Kiosk Rental, of course.

A Kiosk Rental is a space-saving, eye-pleasing piece of technology that puts the internet at your potential clients' fingertips. Each one can be outfitted with Windows XP or Vista, comes with standard specs you would expect from a high end computer, and can be fully customized to your liking. You can have your company logo on the screen, and even on the body of the kiosk if you wanted. Not only does a kiosk save space, it saves you the trouble of wiring everything together, because they are capable of wireless internet access! For even greater customer interaction, you can enable the touchscreen feature.

There are many great options available to you with a Kiosk Rental. Ask about them by calling your friendly ICC representatives at 800-245-1094. Ask about how to customize your next rental!

Monday, July 14, 2008

ICC's Top-Notch Service

At ICCRents, we understand that providing great computer rental service requires more than just having the best equipment. Sure, we carry the latest technology when it comes to laptop rentals, plasma rentals, LCD display rentals, and more, but we ask ourselves: What else can we offer? What else can we provide in addition to the best equipment available on the market today? And here's our answer:

Competitive Pricing
Not only will you receive the highest quality gear for your rental, ICC will provide you with the best deals at the best prices. Our friendly sales representatives work hard to receive and process your quote requests in order to offer you fair prices and unbeatable deals. We have a special multi-event discount for clients who schedule their rentals months in advance, perfect for those with traveling trade shows, exhibitions, events, and conventions, or for those who have shows scattered throughout the year.

Individual Attention
ICC is part of the largest computer and audio-visual rental service provider in the entire United States, but that doesn't mean we'll behave like a large scale company. We won't put you on hold for hours, and you'll never have to worry about going through the long, arduous process of listening and waiting for the right option with a prerecorded message. At ICC, we care about every one of our clients, which means our sales representatives will be paying close and careful attention to your needs before working diligently to fulfill them.

ICC believes in more than just delivering your rental packages. Our experienced technicians will be there to help you set up any and all equipment, as well as break it down and pick it up when your event is complete. You can also send it back to us via the mail if you so choose. Our services don't end there. You'll also receive 24x7 tech support in case something goes wrong, or if you have any questions that need answering right away. And guess what? This special treatment comes standard with every rental package! You'll never have to worry about troubleshooting your rentals again!

Duplicate Orders
Many rental packages require duplicate orders. Say you want 1o laptops with identical systems, software, and hardware. No problem. What about 100 computers? We can do that, too! And guess what? Because we have the largest computer and audio-visual rental network in the United States, including 22 physical locations in major cities, we can create duplicate orders for you anywhere in the nation!

Call Now!
Your next computer or plasma rental is just a phone call away! Call us at 800-245-1094 or visit our site to fill out a quote form today! Our representatives are standing by. Thank you!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

ICCRents Top 5 Reasons to Rent

1. ICCRents Apple Computers because they just work!

Apple Computer rentals are incredibly popular because they are designed by teams of people concerned with efficiency. In addition, when you rent an apple computer, the Mac OS that comes pre-installed was built for high security. They are virtually virus free as most viruses are written to manipulate a pc operating system. ICCRents offers apple computer rentals and apple laptop rentals. Call 800 245-1094 for a quote today.

2. Run multiple operating systems on your Apple Computer…

Your Computer can run multiple operating systems like Mac OS X, Windows XP and Windows VISTA. It makes sense to rent a mac if your corporate environment has computers using multiple operating systems. Use your mac rental to create high tech websites, photo albums, DVDs, slide shows, CDs of music compilations, a calendar, greeting cards, prints, music videos, and much more. Call 800 245-1094 for a quote today.

3. The design that turns heads
Rent an apple computer for your next event or trade show and you will turn heads! The design on the Apple iMac, MacBook Pros, and even the Powermacs is incredibly cutting edge - you will want it front and center. Call 800 245-1094 for a quote today.

4. Everything-ready.

Place an order with ICCRents for a Mac and it will come ready with your custom requests for memory, hard drive, operating system and more. ICCRents will deliver, install, and support your apple computer rental 24x7 throughout your business or event rental. Call 800 245-1094 for a quote today.

5. ICCRents still offers the most advanced platform for speed

Intel Core 2 Duo processors reside in your latest Apple Computer from ICCRents. These chips very fast. Unlike other PCs powered by Intel and you will get Mac OS X, which is optimized to get every bit of performance the Intel engine. Call 800 245-1094 for a quote today.

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